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Downtown Specific Plan Receives Award

The City of Downey’s recently-adopted Downtown Downey Specific Plan is being recognized by the Southern California Association of Governments. The groundbreaking plan has been selected to receive a Compass Blueprint Recognition Award for Achievement in Livability. The plan provides for pedestrian-friendly, walkable areas in Downtown Downey to reduce reliance on the automobile while providing more eating, retail, and recreation opportunities for residents and visitors.Given annually, SCAG’s Compass Blueprint Awards promote the principles of Mobility, Livability, Prosperity and Sustainability. Downey’s award for Livability was based on the Downtown Downey Specific Plan’s in-fill development and redevelopment opportunities to revitalize the Downtown community; promote developments that provide a mix of uses; promote "peoplescaled"walkable communities; and support the preservation of stable neighborhoods. SCAG’s Fifth Annual Compass Blueprint Recognition Awards will be formally presented at the SCAG Regional Conference and General Assembly at the beginning of May. For more information on the Downtown Downey Specific Plan, please visit the Special Zoning section of the Community Development website at