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Protect Yourself Against West Nile Virus

City officials are reminding residents to take precautions to avoid being exposed to the West Nile Virus.  According to the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District (GLACVCD), there have been 207 mosquito samples that have tested positive for West Nile Virus in the L.A. County area this year, including 51 dead birds.  In Downey, there have been 4 positive mosquito samples and 1 dead bird.  No human cases have been reported in the City.

Residents are urged to take the following precautions:
1)       Maintain swimming pools, ponds and spas.
2)       Eliminate standing water by dumping/draining.
3)       Avoid outdoor activity during dust and dawn.
4)       Use insect repellent and wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when outdoors.
5)       Report a dead bird by calling 1-800-WNV-BIRD or going online to
6)       Report abandoned/vacant properties with stagnant pools or ponds to GLACVCD at 562-944-9656. This speeds up the process.

“We encourage our residents to be proactive and take this matter seriously.  The West Nile Virus is transmitted to people and animals through bites from infected mosquitoes and following these simple steps can help decrease exposure to WNV and potentially help save lives,” said Mayor Luis Marquez.

For more information on the West Nile Virus, please contact GLACVCD at 562-944-9656 or visit their website at